Trusted maid disappears with over $1,000 in hongbao money

SINGAPORE – A domestic helper stole $1,150 in cash and disappeared from her household while her employers were out.

The employer, who gave her name as Lynda, told citizen journalism website STOMP that they did not suspect their new maid would do such a thing.

She had brought her child to a clinic on January 25, and left the Indonesian mad at home.

She said: “When we returned at about 1130am, we discovered that she had taken all her luggage and belongings, as well as our money.

“To date, our total losses are SGD$1,000 in new notes which was in preparation for Chinese New Year, and approximately SGD$150 in coins.

“She also took an umbrella and a pair of white slippers worth $70.”

The maid had been employed by them for three months.

Lynda added that while the maid was working for them, she seemed forgetful and slow in her work, and was quiet and soft-spoken.

She said: “We never suspected that she would steal our hard-earned money.”

The family has already lodged a police report.



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