Dubai women’s jail to get better nursery

28 February 2011 DUBAI — Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Dubai Police Major-General Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina on Sunday called for the development of a nursery in the women’s jail. The instruction came during his visit to the women’s jail in Dubai.

Maj-Gen Al Mazeina toured the jail accompanied by Major-General Rashid Al Mazroui, Director of the Services Department; Mohammed Humeid Al Swaidi, Director of Dubai Central Jail; Major Fwazia Al Mulla, Director of Dubai Women’s Jail; and Colonel Abdulla Humaid Dabluk, Director of Engineering and Buildings of the police.

Maj-Gen Al Mazeina said the nursery should consider the privacy of children and provide a suitable environment to ensure their physical and psychological health without violating prison rules.

He said the Dubai Police is the first to allow women prisoners to keep their children below the age of two with them. This is so that children will not be separated from their mothers and would help fixing hours for breastfeeding. He said the new design for the nursery will provide a healthy environment including an open-air playground, a room with learning games similar to those available in other nurseries and a clinic for children. He also called for improvement of quality of food provided to women and goods provided in supermarkets.

Maj-Gen Al Mazeina toured the women’s cells and listened to the demands put forth by the inmates. He called upon the officials to develop rehabilitation programmes for women’s inmates and provide sports facilities for them so that they will be able to integrate better into the society when released.

Bin Dalmuk, head of the team implementing the nursery project, said that as per instructions of Lt-General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, the area for the nursery will be increased to 200 square metres and will take into consideration the safety of children. The most important aspect would be that mothers will be closer to their children, he added.


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