Four police officers involved in gang rape and torture of underage girl in Papua, Indonesia

March 3 2011
Four police officers have been linked to the gang rape and torture of an underage girl in Papua, Indonesia, officials said Tuesday. The unnamed 15-year-old victim, from Biak Numfor, Papua, was locked in a room for several days by a group of men who would consistently rape her and beat her if she resisted. Four of the seven alleged rapists have been identified as local police officers. The incident began when the teenage girl decided to meet one of the alleged rapist after communicating with him on several occasions. During their meeting, the girl was escorted by to the Pondok Indah neighborhood, where a group of men, reportedly drunk, were waiting for them. Upon arrival the group of men gang raped the girl until she passed out. They went on to lock her in a room and continued to rape her for several days. If she resisted, she would be physically beaten. Adjutant Senior Commander Rickho Taruna Mauruh, chief of Biak Numfor Police told the Jakarta Globe that the seven suspects had been arrested and were facing up to five years each in jail under Indonesia`s Child Protection Law. Rickho also said the officers involved in the incident would be fired for embarrassing the National Police institution.

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