Women leaders slam anti-contraceptive ordinance

March 5, 2011

WOMEN’s rights advocates in celebration of Women’s Month recently condemned an anti-contraceptive ordinance passed by the Ayala Alabang barangay in Manila.

Committee on social services chairperson Councilor Betty Lourdes Tabanda said requiring prescription for condom-use in the posh village is volatile of the rights of persons, responsible parenthood and Magna Carta for Women.

Tabanda said that according to the local government code, all barangay ordinances have to pass through the City Council, which as to the posh village falls under the jurisdiction of Muntinlupa City Council.

Approved by the barangay council of Ayala Alabang last January, the measure bans sex education, birth control devices and requires presentation of a prescription when buying condoms.

The councilor, a staunch women’s rights advocate claimed parents should have the option in using contraceptives especially in the proper spacing of their children.

She also underscored criticisms on the Reproductive Health bill being heard in the House of Representatives as the newer version being heard now is more of a rights based law.

Baguio Regional Trial Court Judge Mia Cawed, who handles the Family Court, also panned critics of the RH Bill as she claims this is where the influential Roman Catholic Church should distance itself.

Cawed said the RH Bill is one area where the church and the state should be divided.

She said not even influential groups could stop the right to choose. “It’s not for them to stop it,” she added referring to critics of the RH Bill.

Both women leaders also explained the Reproductive Health Bill should never be equated to abortion, which they believe is unforgivable.



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