Women’s group urges release of woman accused of killing politician who sexually assaulted her

PATNA: All India Progressive Women’s Association (AIPWA), in an open letter to non-BJP MLAs and MLCs, has demanded immediate release of Rupam Pathak, accused of killing BJP MLA Rajkishore Keshri, from jail and removal of Section 302 of the IPC from the case in which she has been booked.

The letter, while appealing to the legislators, especially women among them, to raise the matter in the House, condemned deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar Modi for making an irresponsible” statement in favour of Keshri soon after the murder took place on January 4 this year. The state government has played a partisan role” in the case, the letter alleged while questioning the way in which police pursued the case.

Why was Bipin Rai not arrested? Did the government intend to hush up the case of sexual assault on Rupam by Keshri and Rai? Instead of lodging a case against the handful of Keshri’s aides who beat up Rupam after the killing, why was a case lodged against 1,000 unknown people? Did the government intend to protect those close to Keshri?” the letter asked.

The letter alleged Rupam had been sexually exploited by the BJP MLA and Rai since 2007. She lodged a complaint case in this regard but was forced to withdraw her allegation under duress. She attempted afresh to seek justice for herself but police did not support her. She was left with no option but to take the extreme step, the letter read and regretted that although the government promptly beefed up the security of legislators, it did nothing to provide safety to women from such incidents of abuse.

Now the CBI is investigating the case. But we have seen the end result of such probes on earlier occasions,” AIPWA secretary Anita Sinha said and urged women to come forward to ensure justice to Rupam. Those who pushed Pathak to resort to such an extreme step must be booked, she said.


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