Christchurch sex trade booming after quake: report

Christchurch sex workers were enjoying a boom in trade after last month’s earthquake as stressed emergency workers turned to the world’s oldest profession, a report said.

Prostitutes in the New Zealand city said an influx of foreigners helping relief efforts after the devastating 6.3-magnitude quake had left them run off their feet, the Christchurch Press reported.

It said one sex worker, “Candice”, reported earning up to NZ$1,400 ($1,030) a night soliciting just outside the city’s cordoned-off downtown area.

“In three years, I’ve never made this much before,” she told the newspaper. “The foreign ones are the best, they pay the most.

“They are saying they are stressed out and they need to get some stress relief.”

Another sex worker, Mary, who lost her house in the February 22 tremor, also said business was brisk.

She had been seeing “all sorts of people”, not just regular clients: “It’s their way of dealing with it. If they can get some relief, I think there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Candice said her clients included search and rescue staff, builders and foreign police officers.

“There’s just lots of men here, lots of men without their wives and they’re going to be a bit naughty,” she said.


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