Indonesia awaits result of appeal to free maid from death penalty in Saudi Arabia

The Indonesian government is waiting for the result of the ongoing appeal on an Indonesian female migrant worker who is facing death penalty sentence by a Saudi preliminary court for allegedly killing her employer in Saudi Arabia, an Indonesian senior official said Monday.

“We are expecting the result of our appeal on the death penalty charged against our migrant worker. The process is progressing at the moment,” said Michael Tene, Indonesian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson.

He said the government has the pardon from the victim’s family earlier this year with the condition that the government must pay 2 million Saudi riyals (about 535,500 U.S. dollars) in compensation to the victim’s family.

Michael said the government would take the best solution regarding the legal issue faced by the migrant worker.

“We would wait for the appeal result and consider which option is best to settle this problem,” Michael said, referring to options of whether to pay the compensation or receiving the appeal ‘s result.

The migrant worker named Darsem was charged of guilty by a Saudi court two years ago for her defense act from being raped by her employer, that eventually led to the death of her Saudi employer.

Indonesia filed the appeal on her case in Saudi Arabia in January.


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