Angola: Foreign Minister Denies Congolese Women Rape Allegations

Luanda — The Angolan Foreign minister, Georges Chikoti, refuted allegations that Angolan police officers raped Congolese women who were living illegally in the country.

Georges Chikoti was speaking to the press at the end of a meeting with the special envoy of the UN secretary general for sexual violence, Margot Wallstrom.

“It was proved that there has been no abuse of Congolese immigrants,” he stated.

He said that this matter is used in the Democratic Republic of Congo with political aims, with several politicians going to parliament to make bombastic utterances, alleging unproved violations.

Georges Chikoti mentioned that there is a will on the part of the authorities from both countries to work together and in a coordinated way, with the participation of the United Nations.

The Foreign minister added that Angola has been and will continue expelling those found to be illegally in the country.

To him, Angola does not accept illegal immigration, especially when it affects a sensitive sector of the economy or threatens the security of the State.

He said Angola will continue to expel, involving the participation of bilateral mechanisms between the two countries and the UN.

According to the minister, the audience was a good moment for a conversation and the UN secretary general’s special envoy understood the complexity of the situation.

George Chicoty explained that the Angolan authorities learned of the allegations of sexual violence through the media, especially because the supposed victims made the claims in the Congolese territory.

The minister stated that the meeting recognised the huge challenged that the fight against illegal immigration poses, particularly in the Lundas regions.

He stated that Angola started a process of normalisation, making available border ports immigrants can use for a normal immigration.

“There were people who entered Angola and started to explore diamonds which, naturally, is illegal, as this creates serious problems not only to the Angolan economy, but also to the environment of security of the country,” the minister said.

He also mentioned that there were foreigners who, in addition to illegally exploring diamonds, were in possession of weapons. “These people were to be disarmed and expelled,” George Chicoty stressed.


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