Zambia: East Women’s Lobby Bemoans Poor Work Conditions for Domestic Workers

Chipata District Women’s Lobby Group has bemoaned the increased reports of alleged poor conditions of service for domestic women workers who work for Zambian citizens of Asian origin in the district.

District Women’s Lobby Group chairperson, Diana Tonga said her office had received many reports from the women employed as maids in the district for alleged poor condition of services.

Mrs Tonga said numerous reports from women who had visited her office frequently indicated that their employees do not sign any contract forms and where getting as little as K150, 000 to K300, 000 per month.

She said the affected women sometimes were unfairly dismissed from employment without notice or at times sent away without being paid their dues.

“Many women have been flocking our office with numerous complaints of alleged poor condition of services. Many have complained that they were working under harsh condition of services and in some case they were dismissed without any benefits despite the years they have served,” she said.

Mrs Tonga appealed to the ministry of Labour and Social Security to intervene in the matter.

And Chipata Muslim Association of Zambia vice chairperson Aiyub Mogra said his association had not received such complaints from the maids.

“Maids have never complained of their alleged poor conditions of service to the association. We are not aware of complaints,” he said

Mr Mogra challenged such maids to furnish the association with the details of the alleged poor conditions of service.

And when reached for comment over the matter, provincial Labour Officer Kabuba Mufana decline to comment on the matter.


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