Third abortion bill passes Kansas House

TOPEKA — The House passed a third anti-abortion bill on Wednesday calling for strict regulations of clinics and doctors’ offices where abortions are provided.

House Substitute for Senate Bill 36 would require abortion clinics to be licensed and comply with a long list of medical standards and practices. Abortions after the 21st week of pregnancy would have to be done at a hospital or surgical center.

The bill passed on an overwhelming voice vote and, assuming approval on the formal roll call, it will go to the Senate for consideration.

A similar bill passed the Legislature before, but was vetoed by former Gov. Kathleen Sebelius. Gov. Sam Brownback has indicated he will sign into law any anti-abortion bill that comes to his desk.

Rep. Steve Huebert, R-Valley Center, carried the bill on the floor.

“Some people might want to consider this a pro-life bill,” he said. “I’m pro-life and I support it, but I consider it a women’s health bill.”

Rep. Judith Loganbill, D-Wichita, scoffed at the idea that the bill was directed at anything but making it harder for women to get abortions.

And she questioned why, if the standards are appropriate for abortion clinics, they wouldn’t be for other outpatient facilities that do surgery.

“Apparently, we need to protect those little women because they just aren’t capable of taking care of their own health,” she said sarcastically.


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