Women using special skirts for shoplifting caught

AHMEDABAD: Two women were nabbed for stealing goods by Gujarat University police station officials on Saturday and Sunday. The women were sent to judicial custody on Tuesday. They were nabbed while trying to steal household goods from a supermarket near Vijay crossroads.

According to GU police station officials, two women had entered the supermarket chain store near Vijay crossroads on April 9. They left without making any purchase after a while. One of them was called back on the basis of suspicion and was searched thoroughly when officials got to know that she had concealed goods including tea packets, toothpaste, shampoo and bathing soaps in her skirt plaits. She was later handed over to GU police by the store management.

“The woman was identified as Anita Rathod, a resident of Sardarnagar. During her questioning, we also got to know about her accomplice Dadam Rathod and arrested her on April 10. The duo confessed that they were into stealing goods for more than two years. They had designed special skirts that can easily conceal goods without anybody’s notice. Anita told us that she had stolen ten sarees with the same skirt. The duo has been arrested twice by police,” said SJ Vaghasiya, inspector of GU police station.


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