Gender therapy for Oz 10-year-old

An Australian 10-year-old who has been living and dressing as a girl for two years has been approved for puberty-blocking hormone therapy by the Family Court.

The Telegraph reports that the child, named Jamie and born male, has been through counseling, with parents and the family’s doctor agreeing that early doses of hormone therapy would halt male puberty and continue a feminine appearance.

“At the moment Jamie can live comfortably as a girl, is socially confident and suffers no teasing or social isolation,” says the child’s mum, who realizes Jamie will become Australia’s youngest gender-change case.

There are a growing number of cases around the world of pre-teenage children, who live as the opposite gender to their biological one, getting puberty-blocking hormones. The process is reversible for during first few years of therapy, and can reduce the amount and expense of gender-reassignment surgeries possibly needed later in life.


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