Women cell established to address woes of women migrant workers

The government has set up a women cell at the Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE) to resolve the problems faced by women workers who have gone abroad to work mostly as house maids or caretakers.

Reports quoted Purna Chandra Dhungel, secretary at the Ministry of Labour and Transport Management, as saying that since many women who have gone abroad for foreign employment purpose have become victims of physical and mental abuse as well as economic hardship, the separate cell was established to look into the problems faced by women migrant workers and take appropriate actions to resolve them. The cell will also entertain individual cases.

He further said that there are also many cases of women being duped by nefarious man-power agents in many ways since they are not found taking the workers permit from the government before going abroad.

The government has made it mandatory for Nepali women to seek the government’s permission before going abroad, especially the Gulf countries, to work. This measure was taken as many women were found physically, mentally and even sexually abused by their employers in countries like UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia, forcing some to even commit suicide.

However, Nepali man power agents have been found flouting the rule by taking Nepali women workers to Gulf countries via India.



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