Bangladesh to introduce family planning policy

Bangladesh is going to introduce “one couple, one child” population planning policy soon without making it mandatory in a bid to contain the growing population of the country.

The Director General of the Directorate of Family Planning Mohammad Abdul Qayyum told Xinhua in an interview Wednesday “The Chinese policy influenced us in framing our policy though we are not making it mandatory,” He said they will create awareness among people about “one couple, one child” policy.

The directorate drafted the policy to popularize the slogan “Nomore than two children, one is best,” the official said.

The couples having one child would be given preferences in different state facilities like financial grants and other areas.

“We are eager to develop relationship with Chinese population planning authorities for training our men, using modern contraceptive and other related matters,” Qayyum said.

Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the world with more than 1,000 people living in one square kilometer area, and the population growth rate is now at 1.39 percent, the director general said, adding that according to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) estimate, Bangladesh’s population is now at 162.2 million though the Bangladeshi government counts it to be 140 million.

Qayyum said, “The population situation of the country will be grave after 50 years if the current growth rate is not halted.”

He said they want to contain the population growth, otherwise, it would create pressure on basic rights of people like education, health, housing and food.

Qayyum said the government has reduced child mortality rate to 65 now from 150 per thousand live birth.

The director general said the country at present has nearly 25 million fertile couple and 56 percent of whom are adopting various methods of population planning.


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