Half of Beijing women eligible for 2nd child give up – survey

More than 50 per cent of the childbearing-age women in Beijing who are eligible for a second child under China’s family planning policy do not want to produce, said the “2010-2011 Beijing Social Development Blue Book” recently released by the Beijing Academy of Social Sciences.

The “Comparative Study on the Childbearing Will of Urban and Rural Only Child in Beijing” section of the blue book is a survey conducted by the Beijing Population Research Institute in 2006 and 2008 regarding the childbearing will of more than 2,000 only children in Dongcheng District, Haidian District and Changping District of Beijing.

The report pointed out that the childbearing will of females in Beijing is currently going towards the trend of having fewer children, later childbirth, and no clear gender preference. In addition, the only-children themselves dominate the reproductive behaviors, and the impact of policies on childbearing will gradually become minimal.

In addition, the blue book said that the per capita annual income of ordinary working families in Beijing stood at 22,000 yuan, amounting to the per capita monthly income of 1,833 yuan. The annual wage income of nearly 70 percent of ordinary workers is less than 30,000 yuan and the annual wage income of nearly 3 percent of workers is less than 12,000 yuan. Furthermore, only more than 14 percent of workers’ annual wage income exceeds 40,000 yuan.



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