Two Flint women arrested after pushing cart full of stolen beer away from Burton store

BURTON, Michigan — Police arrested two Flint women April 21 after they were found pushing a shopping cart full of beer away from an East Bristol Road grocery store.

An employee at Kroger, 1200 E. Bristol Road, called police around 9:20 p.m. after the women, 36 and 19, placed 10 cases of beer in a cart and left the store without payment.

The women pushed the cart west on Bristol Road, north on Camden Avenue and were found by police after heading west on Mandeville Street and stopped next to a parked Chrysler.

When approached by police and told to get on the ground, both women covered their ears acting like they couldn’t hear the officer.

The older woman tried to run away, heading west through front yards and once again acted like she couldn’t hear the officer when caught.

An officer Tasered the woman in the upper right shoulder when she resisted arrested and tried to roll away while on the ground.

The 19-year-old woman was also arrested a short time later following a traffic stop on Camden. During the stop, police found the cases of beer valued at $230 in the vehicle’s trunk.

The woman motioned to the officer she was deaf and wrote down she had stolen the beer with her friend so they wouldn’t get evicted from their apartment.

Both were issued an appearance ticket for retail fraud and the vehicle was impounded. The cart and beer were returned to the store.


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