Ex-DCPS Teacher Under Fire for Allegedly Sexually Assaulting Students

WASHINGTON (WUSA) — Last fall, a young woman filed a lawsuit claiming a teacher at her D.C. high school had inappropriate sexual relations with her and is the father of her child. The lawsuit claims DC schools did nothing to stop the encounters.

Thursday, lawyers for the young woman amended their complaint, alleging this same teacher had sexual relationships with at least four other students in the 1970s and 1980s.

“He whispered in my ear. He said, ‘If I was 30 years younger, I would marry you,'” said Ayanna Blue.

A witness in the case also stated, “We were in class, and we were playing indoor hockey, and he actually took the hockey stick and was trying to run it up the middle of my legs towards my private area.”

Another witness claimed, “It was a sexual relationship. And an emotional relationship, because he told me he loved me, he wanted to marry me, he wanted me to have his children.”

All three women say they are talking about the same former teacher, but they went to different schools in different districts, and their ages are three decades apart. Ayanna Blue is the youngest of the women.

Blue told 9NEWS NOW, “I was 18, and it was the year 2008 when I started going to Shadd.”

Transition Academy at Shadd is a public school for at-risk students in Southeast Washington, D.C.  It’s there Blue says that beginning in 2008 she had a five-month sexual relationship with her now 59-year-old English teacher, Robert Weismiller.

According to Blue, “Yeah, you could say it was a common thing… in school, around when the kids went to lunch, very often… in the classroom, in his classroom actually.”

Blue says she has living proof of the sexual relationship: her 16-month-old daughter.  According to the lawsuit Blue filed, Weismiller took a paternity test, and the result was positive.

One of the other women shared how she found out about Blue’s case. “My husband and I were in bed for the evening, and we were watching the news and… I heard the name Robert Weismiller, and I immediately sat up in bed… and I was like ‘this is unbelievable,'” she recalled.

This Virginia woman, who doesn’t want to give her name but is mentioned in Thursday’s filing, says the same Robert Weismiller sexually assaulted her in 1984 when she was an 8th grade student in Prince William County Public Schools.

She told 9NEWS NOW, “To find out that here it is still years later he’s with this young lady, to me it was mind blowing.”

A Maryland woman, who didn’t want to show her face on camera, said the same thing happened to her in 1976 when she was a 16-year-old student in Prince George’s County Public Schools.

“When I saw what had happened to Ms. Blue… I felt responsibility, because I wasn’t courageous enough to ever speak out about it,” she said.

Both women then contacted Blue’s attorney, Scott Gilbert, and are now potential witnesses in the lawsuit.

Gilbert told 9NEWS NOW, “We know so far, including DC, that there are a minimum of three school districts involved. We know counting Ayanna there is a minimum of five girls that were involved…There’s no question that there are other women who, when they were girls, were abused by this individual.”

Blue added, “I don’t want this to happen to nobody else. I want to put a stop to it.”

Weismiller has not returned any of our phone calls but according to court documents he filed in response to the original complaint, you can see he denies any wrongdoing.

He was laid off in October 2009 as part of Michelle Rhee’s layoffs. As for DC Public Schools, a spokeswoman says the District doesn’t comment on ongoing litigation. So far, both Prince William and Prince George’s County Public Schools have also declined to comment.



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