Two stranded Filipino maids to be repatriated from KSA

Philippine authorities will repatriate soon two Filipino housemaids caught with three Indian nationals in a villa in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia in February this year.

The two housemaids are still being held at a women’s jail in the Malaz district in Riyadh, a Philippine Embassy official said in an article published on Arab News.

“(The first housemaid’s) documents are now being prepared. Then it will be sent to the governor’s office for approval. After that, a plane ticket will be issued,” the report quoted the official as saying.

According to the official, the first housemaid, who was imprisoned in February, had been sentenced to four months in prison and to receive 70 lashes. Her prison term ends next week.

He said the second housemaid’s travel documents had been processed earlier and a plane ticket would also be issued to her.

“A plane ticket is normally issued by the Saudi government. Otherwise, the embassy will provide it,” he added.

The official said the second housemaid’s travel documents were issued earlier because she did not receive a custodial sentence.

“Maybe it was because she was able to convince police authorities that she was merely a victim and not doing anything wrong,” the official said.

In February, Arab News reported the two housemaids went missing after leaving their villa in Majma, some 250 kilometers (km) north of Riyadh.


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