Women claim to have been drugged at bar where Kenia Monge disappeared

DENVER – The family of missing 19-year-old Kenia Monge has been contacted by six women in the past six weeks, all claiming they were drugged at different lower downtown Denver nightclubs.

Two of those women are convinced they were slipped a drug at the 24K Lounge, the Lodo nightclub where Kenia Monge’s friends last her saw her alive in the early morning hours of April 1, 2011.

“My heart just fell to my feet,” one woman told FOX31 Denver after seeing Kenia’s story on the news.
The women, who are afraid to be identified, say they are speaking publicly for one reason, saying “if our story can help somebody else, it will be worth it.”

The women say the incident happened July 3, when they arrived at 24K Lounge.

They say they hadn’t had anything to drink and were sober, and they claim as soon as they got to the bar a man they didn’t know bought them each one shot of alcohol. A few minutes later, they were both incapacitated.

“My body just started giving out,” one woman said.

The other woman claims she wandered away from the bar and was found by a relative who just happened to be driving by.

“My legs gave out,” she said. “I was laying in the street.”

The women say the man who bought them the shot tried to take one of them home, but their friend intervened.

“I feel like we were lucky,” she said.

The women reached out to Kenia’s father and mother, Tony and Maria Lee.

The Lee’s now believe Kenia had to have been drugged, too.

“This is what we think happened to Kenia,” Tony said, “she staggered out of the bar and was wandering the streets in no particular direction, doing things she would never do. So there’s no question in my mind.”

A spokesperson for 24K Lounge sent FOX31 Denver a statement, which reads in part:

“We pride ourselves on a safe environment at 24K. We provide both a drug free and safe drinking environment…in eight years of operation we have never received any liquor violations, including those with regard to a minor…Our hearts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Kenia Monge.”

The Lee’s are living every parent’s nightmare, not knowing where their daughter is and praying for her safe return.

“I wake up every night at 1am and I start praying and I say, Jesus, please, take care of my baby,” Maria said.

That’s why they want to warn all women to be careful, and don’t end up like Kenia.

The two women who spoke to FOX 31 Denver say they wanted to go the police, but because it took them nearly 24 hours to recover, they thought too much time has elapsed.

Police say this type of crime often goes unreported.

They say that if it happens to you, you need to report it right away.

The person who did it could face drug charges, assault or even sexual assault.



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